It is of prime importance to incorporate monthly management tools based on both the projected and actual data of your company when monitoring your business.

These tools should collect in a simple, legible and concise way, the strategic data you need in order to make the right decisions with total peace of mind.

The deployment of these tools means you can anticipate and understand your results as well as optimise your taxes and cash flow.

Provisional budget or provisional income statement

A provisional budget or income statement is an essential tool to allow managers to assess the company performance upstream. Moreover, it is also one of the tools for setting objectives in writing and planning the resources necessary for their achievement.

The provisional budget includes:

  • Monthly turnover (income and activities)
  • The margins per product or activity (purchase price, subcontracting etc.)
  • Staff costs
  • Fixed charges (rents, fees, taxes, etc.
  • The company’s break-even point
  • The monthly results and aggregate results from the start of the financial year

Eliance will help you prepare your budget, so that you can formalise your strategy and define unifying objectives for your team. With total peace of mind and from the start of the financial year, you can anticipate the results of your business.

Cash flow budget

One of the main reasons why companies file for insolvency is the lack of cash flow, even if the order book looks promising.
It is essential for managers to know on a day-to-day basis about the cash situation and to be informed of all expected cash receipts and expenditures.

The cash flow budget allows anticipating any financing requirements of the enterprise:

  • bank overdrafts
  • bank credit (loans)
  • factoring of receivables
  • financing of stocks
  • increased cash needs (raising funds or from equity)

In this way:

  • you will agree a limit on your overdraft with your bank manager
  • you can anticipate any overdraft for your account, always difficult and tricky to negotiate in an emergency
  • you can select the best investments for your company

Eliance will help you prepare a specific cash flow budget, either with your accounts department or on a standalone basis, so that you are always in control of your cash situation.

Management Dashboard

Preparing a management dashboard offers you a personalised overview decision-making tool which matches your expectations – every month.

Each month the firm will send you your management dashboard according to the format you have selected and analyse the situation of your company.

This common reflection will give a precise summary overview of your business and help you make decisions.

Business plan

The reasons for making a business plan vary, but they always have one thing in common: the need for funding.

This need may arise from:

  • Creation of a company
  • Acquisition of share capital
  • Purchase of a company
  • Significant investments

A business plan incorporates provisionally, for a period generally covering between 3 and 5 years, a detailed income statement, a balance sheet, a cash-flow budget, a finance table and an analysis of the financial structure of the enterprise.

Using high-performance, reliable tools, the business plan prepared by Eliance will satisfy the expectations of your financial partners or potential investors.

A true indicator forecast, our support in preparing this technical document, will help you implement your plans with ease.