Eliance simplifies your procedures by handling all legal and administrative procedures for your new location, including back-office support.

You can then devote your time to expanding your business in France

Eliance acts as the interface between a foreign company and its subsidiary in France from an accounting, financial and human resources standpoint.

We provide operational assistance for French companies in establishing a subsidiary in the United States.

At Eliance we speak French, English, German, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.

Creating your subsidiary in the United States

To establish a subsidiary in the United States, we suggest you contact our partner offices in the United States directly:


Creating your subsidiary in France

We handle all the legal and administrative procedures for establishing your subsidiary in France.

  • Choosing the legal status of the company best adapted to your business
  • Preparing articles of association and shareholders’ meeting records
  • Assisting you with administrative procedures (filing at the Court Registry, CFE etc.)
  • Searching for prior rights to a trademark and registering a trademark

Account keeping

Why outsource your accounts ?

Eliance will second a qualified dedicated member of its staff working either at your premises or our office.

We handle notably all of the following:

  • Entry of accounting documents (purchases, sales, bank, cash flow etc.)
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Reconciliation of accounts payable and account receivable, to inform you of any double payments or delayed collection, for example
  • Preparing VAT returns and all tax declarations in relation to your business.

Outsourcing your accounts will save time and money, and since you do not need to employ a dedicated staff member, it guarantees the compliance of accounts according to the tax regulations, avoiding any risk of fines and ensuring confidentiality of your data vis-à-vis your employees.

You can devote all your time to your business: we will be in charge of your accounts.

Tax returns

The multitude and complexity of tax returns increases from year to year, with the addition of supplementary constraints for management.

Fully aware of your constraints, we offer maximum facilitation of procedures for:

  • Preparing your monthly or annual tax returns (VAT, professional tax, corporation tax, etc.)
  • Assisting you during a tax inspection.
  • Controlling your tax returns and applying for a tax relief if applicable.
  • Analysing the various exemptions from which you could benefit.

By entrusting us with your tax returns, you can be assured that you comply with legislations and deadlines, and you can devote yourself to your business with total peace of mind.

French financial statements, USGAAP, IFRS

The summary documents (balance sheets, income statements, annexes) comply with French standards and are mandatory for a company established in France. To facilitate the parent company’s reading of these documents, we can translate them according to IFRS and/or USGAAP standards.

We also handle the preparation of consolidated accounts

The production by our firm of these summary documents will optimise the work of your statutory auditors.

We are aware that the head of a company needs their accounts quickly, that is why we pay particular attention to their presentation date.

In fact, we know that any delay may prevent you from making the right decisions.

Monthly USGAAP reports

Based on our experience and our presence, notably in the United States, we have set up an internal organisation for preparing USGAAP reports.

We are perfectly familiar with all the constraints imposed by parent companies in terms of deadlines and the format of reports.

For this reason, we can help you with:

  • Joint definition of the reporting package
  • Monthly or quarterly reporting
  • Implementing deadlines of your choice (D+1 to D+20)
  • Defining an organisation adapted to the deadlines and frequency of reporting.

Preparation of your reports by our firm guarantees they fully comply with Anglo-Saxon accounting, deadlines and management of accounting relations with the parent company.

Business plan

The reasons for making a business plan vary, but they always have one thing in common: the need for funding.

This need may arise from:

  • Creation of a company
  • Acquisition of share capital
  • Purchase of a company
  • Significant investments

A business plan incorporates provisionally, for a period generally covering between 3 and 5 years, a detailed income statement, a balance sheet, a cash flow budget, a finance table and an analysis of the financial structure of the company.

Using high-performance, reliable tools, the business plan prepared by Eliance will satisfy the expectations of your financial partners or potential investors.

A true indicator forecast, our support in preparing this technical document, will help you implement your plans.

Hosting your registered office

We offer the possibility of hosting your registered office at one of our Paris addresses and can offer various services such as:

  • Mail monitoring
  • Sales administration (invoicing, estimates, collecting accounts receivable
  • Customer reporting