The “Pinel” Act of 18 June 2014 abolishes the exemption from registration in the trades register or in the trade register for self-entrepreneurs, that is, entrepreneurs subject to the micro-social regime (repeal of Article L 123-1-1 of the Commercial Code and Article 19, V-1 and 2 of Law 96-603 of 5 July 1996). This removal will come into force on a date fixed by decree and no later than December 19, 2014. Contractors who were exempt from registration will have 12 months after this entry into force to register.

To avoid adding to the cost of setting up these companies, no “emolument” (the term refers to the remuneration of the clerk) will be owed by the self-contractor for the registration formalities in the commercial register, Or cancellation of this register (Article L 743-13, paragraph 2, new of the Commercial Code).